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European Co-operation in Environmental Engineering

The Confederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies, CEEES, is a forum for international co-operation and information exchange regarding the resistance and integrity of products and systems against environmental influences. It was created as a co-operative body for the leading European societies in this field.

vinjett.gif CEEES was created, some 30 years ago, as an independent non-profit organisation to promote the advancement of science and technology in the field of environmental engineering. Since its inception CEEES has organised and supported the exchange of information and experience in all the related fields. CEEES also promotes European participation in national symposia and arranges international conferences on environmental techniques and their application. It also encourages the member national societies to support each other's activities.

The CEEES stakeholders are active in the establishment of; national and international standards, codes of practice and the generation of educational material. Its stakeholders are particularly active in procedures related to ensuring the resistance and integrity of products and systems against environmental influences. CEEES technical advisory boards encompass mechanical and transportation stresses, stress screening, reliability and the effects of climate and pollution on equipment and structures.

The aims and objectives of CEEES include:

  • The advancement of science and technology related to the field of environmental.
  • The exchange of information and experience.
  • Arranging international symposia and workshops.
  • Participation in establishing standardization and best practices.
  • Encouraging members to support each other.
  • Achieving recognition of Environmental Engineering and Environmental Engineers.

CEEES welcomes and encourages participation from organizations and individuals. It especially, welcomes contribution from those with an interest in environmental engineering and working with design and testing methods to enhance the integrity, performance and service life of products and systems. CEEES activities are normally channelled through the national societies; however, it also collaborates with partner organisations including the U.S. Institute of Environmental Science and Technology. Within Europe it supports the founding of similar minded societies in countries, which at present do not have a national society promoting environmental engineering.

The CEEES brochure recently updated on behalf of CEEES, by GUS, the German National Society, can be downloaded here.

CEEES Fall Meeting

The Fall Meeting of the Confederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies will take place at Fraunhofer ICT, Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 7, 76327 Pfinztal, Germany

The meetings of the three CEEES Technical Advisory Boards (Reliability & ESS, Mechanical Environment and Climatic & Air pollution Effects) will take place in the afternoon of Wednesday, 17th September 2014 starting at 1:00 pm (13:00 hrs). These meetings will be followed, at 17:20 hrs, by a special Guided Tour of the Fraunhofer ICT facilities and a reception at 18:30 pm. The CEEES General Assembly will be in the morning of Friday 19th September 2014 starting at 9:00 am at the same location. At this General Assembly the Presidency of CEEES will be formally transferred from Harry Roossien, of the Netherlands national society (PLOT), to Thomas Reichert of the German national society (GUS). Registration for the CEEES meeting can be made by downloading Registration Form

The CEEES Conference on "Environmental Testing and Safety of Batteries and Fuel-Cells" is to be held at Fraunhofer ICT, on Thursday, 18th September 2014 starting at 9.30 am. The Conference is expected to finish at 17.30 hrs and will be followed by a CEEES Delegates Dinner starting at 20.00 hrs. The CEEES Conference will include sessions on; Battery safety and regulations, Environmental testing and safety behaviour of fuel cells, Environmental testing and safety behaviour of batteries (2 sessions), Evaluation of critical parameters of battery cells as well as Modelling and simulation of safety behaviour. For Information and registration for the CEEES Conference download Here

GUS Elect New Vice President

The German National Society for Environmental Engineering, Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation e.V. ( GUS ) announced, on the 27th March that at their recent Assembly, Dr Anja Geburtig was elected as the new Vice-President. She replaces Christian Klee, who has stepped down for personal reasons. The President of GUS, Dr Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn, and its Managing Director, Dr Thomas Reichert, have both warmly welcome Anja Geburtig in the GUS Board and thanked her for undertaking this important voluntary role.

Dr Anja Geburtig is from the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing, Berlin. In recent years she has admirably supported the work of GUS and made significant contributions to Environmental Engineering. Dr Geburtig has presented several papers during conferences and workshops in the area of environmental impacts on polymeric materials, such as the effect of acid deposition. She is also a representative in DIN for ISO TC 31, chairing the German mirror group, and is a lecturer for the technical academia.

On behalf of GUS, Dr Ziegahn thanked the outgoing Vice-President for his participation and contribution to GUS. He said that Christian Klee had actively supported the development of GUS for more than 8 years. Christian Klee gave his best wishes to the members of GUS for the future and said; "It was always a great pleasure for me to support GUS and to work for the board, now, as my active time in my company is a long time ago; I will hand over the duties and work to younger members". He received a standing ovation from the GUS Assembly.

From the left: Christian Klee, Gunther Fauth, Anja Geburtig, Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn, and Thomas Reichert

Study Day on Reliability and Efficiency in Renewable Energy Sources

A Study Day on Reliability and Efficiency in Renewable Energy Source was held at the Grand Hotel Casselburgh Bruges on 22nd February 2013. This CEEES study day was organised by the Belgian Society of Testing and Environmental Engineering (BSTEE), the Offshore Wind Infrastructure Application Lab (OWI-lab) and Sirris.

The presentations made during this study day included;

The Use of a Large Climate Chamber for Extreme Temperature Testing and Turbine Component Validation, Nikolaas Van Riet, SIRRIS [4.8Mb]

Dynamic Monitoring of Offshore Wind Farms, Gert De Sitter, Christof Devriendt, Vrije Universteit Brussel and Pieter Jan Jordaens, SIRRIS [5.6Mb]

Continuous Corrosion Monitoring of Monopole Foundation Structures, Yves Van Ingelgem, Vrije Universteit Brussel [1.9Mb]

Performance Monitoring of Offshore Wind Farms, Kristoff Van Rattinge, 3E [1.2Mb]

Challenges in Monitoring of Offshore Wind Turbine Drive Trains, Jan Helsen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven [2.1Mb]

The Eodesign Directive: Energy Efficiency Targets for Machine Tools, Magdalena Garczynska, CECIMO The European Association of Machine Tool Industries [2.6Mb]

The Netherlands Take Over CEEES Presidency

The autumn meetings of CEEES occurred at the RDM Campus in Rotterdam, Netherland on the 17th and 18th October 2012. At those meeting the CEEES Presidency was transferred to the Netherlands society PLOT. As part of the meetings, PLOT organised a CEEES European seminar on European Reliability and Environmental testing.

The CEEES meetings on the 17th October included those of the three Technical Advisory Boards. The leader of the Technical Advisory Board for Reliability and ESS was Henri Grzeskowiak. The leader of the Technical Advisory Board for Climate and Air Pollution Effects was Thomas Reichert. The leader of the Technical Advisory Board for Mechanical Environment was David Richards.

Netherlands1.jpg The 58th CEEES General Assembly was held in the RDM campus board room.

For the past five years François Crepain has undertaken the role of CEEES Treasurer. On behalf of the meeting the CEEES President, Werner Wittberger, thanked Francois for his efforts in this role and presented him with a traditional Swiss cow bell.

Netherlands2.jpg At the end of the meeting the positions of CEEES resident, secretariat and Vice president were formally transferred. For the next two years the CEEES secretariat will be hosted the Netherlands Society, PLOT and the new CEEES President, Harry Roossien, comes from PLOT.

Netherlands3.jpg Although the formal transfer occurred at the meeting a more informal transfer occurred that evening at a dinner held on board the SS Rotterdam. The dinner followed a high speed water taxi ride and a specially arranged tour of the ship, which is both a hotel and tourist attraction in Rotterdam harbour.

The new CEEES Vice President is Thomas Reichert from the German Society, GUS, and in the normal rotation will take over the CEEES Presidency in two years time.

On the 18th October 2012, PLOT, organised a CEEES European seminar on European Reliability and Environmental testing. This seminar was also held at the RDM Campus in Rotterdam. The seminar attracted around 160 attendees and included some 22 presentations within three separate topic groups.

Netherlands4.jpg Following the seminar, a tour had been arranged of the RDM Campus. The campus is located at an old ship building yard, within the Rotterdam harbour complex. The yard has been converted as an engineering training facility. The campus trains students in basic engineering skills up to degree level. The tour included, basic training workshop, welding and machine shops. The Campus encourages small start up companies and the group was shown on going work on composite bridge manufacture as well a cycle assembly.

The programme and the majority of the presentations given at the CEEES European seminar on European Reliability and Environmental testing can be found at; http://www2.fhi.nl/plot2012/

harryroosien.jpg Harry Roossien is the new CEEES President. He represents the Netherlands Society for environmental engineering “Platform Omgevingstechnologie” (PLOT). Harry Roossien is the Senior Reliability Systems Engineer at Plantronics. He has worked as a reliability consultant, as a Reliability Engineer at Ericsson, as Section Manager Test and Verification at SonyEricsson and as System Designer Reliability and Verification at Tonalite. During this working period he graduated at the Open University on the branding constellation theme. He is a PLOT member, Chairman of the PLOT Reliability workgroup and is Chairman of PLOT. Harry will be the President of CEEES for the next two years.
The theme “Connected” will be the focus for Harry’s Presidency of CEEES. Harry said “people are the most important carriers of knowledge and we can trigger each other to create new information and insights. The broader this network, the more information and knowledge can be added to the very interesting and growing expert area of Reliability and Environmental Testing.”

thomasreichert.jpg Thomas Reichert is the new CEEES Vice President.He represents the German Society, Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation e. V. Society for Environmental Engineering (GUS). For many years Thomas has represented the GUS at CEEES and is the long standing chair of the Technical Advisory Board for Climate and Air Pollution Effects. Thomas works at the Fraunhofer ICT at Karlsruhe and is a board member of GUS. Thomas was a driving force in the transition of the Colloquia of the Danubian Countries into the successful European Weathering Symposiums. In the normal rotation Thomas will take over the CEEES Presidency in two years time.

CEEES is a confederation of the environmental engineering societies of

the United Kingdom (SEE),
France (ASTE),
Germany (GUS),
Sweden (SEES),
Switzerland (SSEE),
Finland (KOTEL),
Belgium (BSMEE),
the Netherlands (PLOT),
Italy (AITPA),
Czech Republic (NACEI)
Austria (ÖGUS)
Portugal (SOPSAR)