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New Environmental Standards

Listed below are international standard documents, relating to environmental aspects, which are either new or which supersede existing documents. The list does not include recently amended standards (when less than 10% of the content is changed) or when standards are confirmed to continue (without change).
This issue of the standards report includes updated documents which are utilised by many environmental engineers involved in specifying environmental requirements for equipment as well as specific tests to evaluate the ability of equipment to operate and survive such conditions.

Documents Notified as Published in June 2022

Environmental Testing

ISO 9022-3 Optics and photonics. Environmental test methods. Mechanical stress.

Shock and Vibration

ISO 15037-3 Road vehicles. Vehicle dynamics test methods. General conditions for passenger cars ride comfort tests. (no current standard is superseded)
EN IEC 60749-10 Semiconductor devices. Mechanical and climatic test methods. Mechanical shock. Device and subassembly.


EN IEC 61340-5-3 Electrostatics. Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena. Properties and requirements classification for packaging intended for electrostatic discharge sensitive devices.


EN ISO 16495 Packaging. Transport packaging for dangerous goods. Test methods.

Sustainable Energy

BS EN ISO 9488 Solar energy. Vocabulary.

Material Testing and Characterisation

EN ISO 4136 Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials. Transverse tensile test.
ISO 6721-12 Plastics. Determination of dynamic mechanical properties. Compressive vibration. Non-resonance method.
EN ISO 9016 Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials. Impact tests. Test specimen location, notch orientation and examination.


ISO 14015 Environmental management. Guidelines for Environmental Due Diligence Assessment.


EN ISO 16321-1 Eye and face protection for occupational use. General requirements.

New Standards Work Notified in June 2022

New work has been notified on the international standards listed below. It may be possible to support this new work through your relevant national standards committee. The international Technical Committee responsible for a particular document can usually be identified from the ISO/ IEC or EN website. In many cases the nations participating in the maintenance and generation of the document can also be identified. To participate within an international Technical Committee, normally nomination by your relevant national standards committee is required. It should be noted that the standards are identified by their originating standards organisation, many may also be adopted by CEN, CENELEC or ETSI as EN standards and /or by your relevant national standards organisation.

EN WI 00250206 Eurocode 1. Actions on structures. General actions. Actions from waves and currents on coastal structures. (will supersede none)
EN WI 00250207 Eurocode 1. Actions on structures. General actions. Atmospheric Icing (will supersede none)
EN 1991-1 Eurocode 1. Actions on structures. General actions.
-3 Snow loads.
-4 Wind actions.
-5 Thermal actions.
ISO 16623 Plastics. Preparation methods of sea water and sediment for marine biodegradation evaluation of plastics. (will supersede none)
ISO 16636 Plastics. Simple field test of disintegration of plastics under real marine environment. (will supersede none)
ISO 19281Air cargo. Fire resistant containers. Design, performance and testing requirements.
EN 50728 Railway applications. Rolling stock. Testing of rolling stock for electromagnetic compatibility with track circuits. (will supersede none)

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