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New Environmental Standards

Listed below are international standard documents, relating to environmental aspects, which are either new or which supersede existing documents. The list does not include recently amended standards (when less than 10% of the content is changed) or when standards are confirmed to continue (without change).
This issue of the standards report includes updated documents which are utilised by many environmental engineers involved in specifying environmental requirements for equipment as well as specific tests to evaluate the ability of equipment to operate and survive such conditions.

Documents Notified as Published in January 2019

Environmental Testing

EN ISO 2812-2 Paints and varnishes. Determination of resistance to liquids. Water immersion method.
CEN ISO/TR 18486 Plastics. Parameters comparing the spectral irradiance of a laboratory light source for weathering applications to a reference solar spectral irradiance.


EN 16602-70-14 Space product assurance. Corrosion. (no current standard is superseded)

Shock and Vibration

ISO 15037-1 Road vehicles. Vehicle dynamics test methods. General conditions for passenger cars.
CEN ISO/TR 19664 Human response to vibration. Guidance and terminology for instrumentation and equipment for the assessment of daily vibration exposure at the workplace according to the requirements of health and safety.


ISO 11452-2 Road vehicles. Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy. Absorber-lined shielded enclosure. (no current standard is superseded)


ISO 13315-8 Environmental management for concrete and concrete structures. Environmental labels and declarations.


EN ISO 6506-2 Metallic materials. Brinell hardness test. Verification and calibration of testing machines
EN ISO 20601 Non-destructive testing of welds. Ultrasonic testing. Use of automated phased array technology for thin-walled steel components. (no current standard is superseded)
IEC 62660 Secondary lithium-ion cells for the propulsion of electric road vehicles.
-1 Performance testing
-2: Reliability and abuse testing

New Standards Work Notified in January 2019

New work has been notified on the international standards listed below. It may be possible to support this new work through your relevant national standards committee. The international Technical Committee responsible for a particular document can usually be identified from the ISO/ IEC or EN website. In many cases the nations participating in the maintenance and generation of the document can also be identified. To participate within an international Technical Committee, normally nomination by your relevant national standards committee is required. It should be noted that the standards are identified by their originating standards organisation, many may also be adopted by CEN, CENELEC or ETSI as EN standards and /or by your relevant national standards organisation.

PD CISPR/TR 16-4-5 Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods. Uncertainties; statistics and limit modelling. Conditions for the use of alternative test methods.
EN ISO 11819-1 Acoustics. Measurement of the influence of road surfaces on traffic noise. Statistical Pass-By method.
ISO 14222 Space environment (natural and artificial). Earth upper atmosphere.
ISO 14302 Space systems. Electromagnetic compatibility requirements.
EN 60068-2-11 Basic environmental testing procedures. Tests. Test Ka. Salt mist.

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