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New Environmental Standards

Listed below are international standard documents, relating to environmental aspects, which are either new or which supersede existing documents. The list does not include recently amended standards (when less than 10% of the content is changed) or when standards are confirmed to continue (without change).
This issue of the standards report includes updated documents which are utilised by many environmental engineers involved in specifying environmental requirements for equipment as well as specific tests to evaluate the ability of equipment to operate and survive such conditions.

Documents Notified as Published in March 2019

Environmental Testing

ISO 21494 Space systems. Magnetic testing. (no current standard is superseded)


ISO 3740 Acoustics. Determination of sound power levels of noise sources. Guidelines for the use of basic standards.

Shock and Vibration

EN ISO 10819 Mechanical vibration and shock. Hand-arm vibration. Measurement and evaluation of the vibration transmissibility of gloves at the palm of the hand.
ISO 21940-1 Mechanical vibration. Rotor balancing. Introduction


EN IEC 61000-3-2 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Limits. Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current >16 A per phase).
EN IEC 61000-6 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Generic standards.
-1 Immunity standard for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments.
-2 Immunity standard for industrial environments.
BS EN IEC 61967-1 Integrated circuits. Measurement of electromagnetic emissions. General conditions and definitions.


PD CEN/TR 13695-2 Packaging. Requirements for measuring and verifying the four heavy metals and other dangerous substances present in packaging, and their release into the environment. Requirements for measuring and verifying dangerous substances present in packaging, and their release into the environment.


ISO 14008 Monetary valuation of environmental impacts and related environmental aspects. (no current standard is superseded)
ISO 14033 Environmental management. Quantitative environmental information. Guidelines and examples.
ISO 50021 Energy management and energy savings. General guidelines for selecting energy evaluators. (no current standard is superseded)
ISO 50046 General methods for predicting energy. (no current standard is superseded)
IEC 60904-3 Photovoltaic devices. Measurement principles for terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) solar devices with reference spectral irradiance data.
IEC 61400-1 Wind energy generation systems. Design Requirements.
IEC 62282-3-100 Fuel cell technologies. Stationary fuel cell power systems. Safety.
EN IEC 62660 Secondary lithium-ion cells for the propulsion of electric road vehicles.
-1 Performance testing.
-2 Reliability and abuse testing.


EN ISO 13588 Non-destructive testing of welds. Ultrasonic testing. Use of automated phased array technology.
PD CEN/TR 17330 Guidelines for selection, use, care and maintenance of protective clothing against foul weather, wind and cold. (no current standard is superseded)

New Standards Work Notified in March 2019

New work has been notified on the international standards listed below. It may be possible to support this new work through your relevant national standards committee. The international Technical Committee responsible for a particular document can usually be identified from the ISO/ IEC or EN website. In many cases the nations participating in the maintenance and generation of the document can also be identified. To participate within an international Technical Committee, normally nomination by your relevant national standards committee is required. It should be noted that the standards are identified by their originating standards organisation, many may also be adopted by CEN, CENELEC or ETSI as EN standards and /or by your relevant national standards organisation.

PD CEN/TR 15350 Mechanical vibration. Guideline for the assessment of exposure to hand-transmitted vibration using available information including that provided by manufacturers of machinery.
ISO 16750 Road vehicles. Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment.
-1 General.
-3 Mechanical loads.
-4 Climatic loads
-5 Chemical loads
EN 17391 Non-destructive testing. Acoustic emission testing. In-service acoustic emission monitoring of metallic pressure equipment and structures. General requirements. (New Standard)
ISO 23706 Plastics. Determination of apparent activation energies of property changes in standard weathering test methods (New Standard)
ISO 23721 Corrosion of metals and alloys. Rating method of rust and stains of atmospheric corrosion for stainless steels. (New Standard)
ISO 23838 Metallic Materials. High Strain Rate Torsion Test at Room Temperature. (New Standard)
ISO 26367-3 Guidelines for assessing the adverse environmental impact of fire effluents. Sampling and analysis. (New Standard)
EN 50604-1 Secondary lithium batteries for light EV (electric vehicle) applications. General safety requirements and test methods. (New Standard)

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