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New Environmental Standards

Listed below are international standard documents, relating to environmental aspects, which are either new or which supersede existing documents. The list does not include recently amended standards (when less than 10% of the content is changed) or when standards are confirmed to continue (without change).
This issue of the standards report includes updated documents which are utilised by many environmental engineers involved in specifying environmental requirements for equipment as well as specific tests to evaluate the ability of equipment to operate and survive such conditions.

Documents Notified as Published in August and September 2023

Environmental Testing

ISO 10813-1 Vibration generating machines. Guidance for selection. Equipment for environmental testing.
ISO 16750 Road vehicles. Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment.
-2 Electrical loads.
-3 Mechanical loads.
-4 Climatic loads.
EN IEC 60068-2 Environmental testing. Tests.
-14 Test N. Change of temperature.
-17 Test Q. Sealing.
EN IEC 60068-3 Environmental testing. Supporting documentation and guidance.
-1 Cold and dry heat tests.
-4 Damp heat tests.


EN 14389 Road traffic noise reducing devices. Procedures for assessing long term performance.


ISO 8424 Raw optical glass. Resistance to attack by aqueous acidic solutions. Test method and classification. (no current standard is superseded)
ISO 16000-41 Indoor air. Assessment and classification. (no current standard is superseded)
ISO 20045 Measurement of the radioactivity in the environment. Air. Tritium. Test method using bubbler sampling. (no current standard is superseded)


ISO 5668 Corrosion of metals and alloys. Guidelines and requirements for corrosion testing in simulated environment of deep-sea water. (no current standard is superseded)
PD ISO/TR 16203 Overview of methods available for particle-free erosion corrosion testing in flowing liquids.


EN ISO 7933 Ergonomics of the thermal environment. Analytical determination and interpretation of heat stress using calculation of the predicted heat strain.
ISO 20653 Road vehicles. Degrees of protection (IP code). Protection of electrical equipment against foreign objects, water and access.

Shock and Vibration

ISO 10813-1 Vibration generating machines. Guidance for selection. Equipment for environmental testing.
PD CEN/TR 12349 Mechanical vibration. Guide to the health effects of vibration on the human body.


EN IEC 61000-4-6 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Testing and measurement techniques. Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio- frequency fields.

Material Testing and Characterisation

EN ISO 204: Metallic materials. Uniaxial creep testing in tension. Method of test.
SO 1663 Rigid cellular plastics. Determination of water vapour transmission properties (no current standard is superseded)

Sustainable Energy

IEC 62915 Photovoltaic (PV) modules. Type approval, design and safety qualification. Retesting.


EN 17680 Sustainability of construction works. Evaluation of the potential for sustainable refurbishment of buildings (no current standard is superseded).
EN ISO 52000-1 Energy performance of buildings. Overarching EPB assessment. General framework and Procedures.
IEC 63333 General method for assessing the proportion of reused components in products. (no current standard is superseded)


ISO 14066 Environmental information. Competence requirements for teams validating and verifying environmental information.

New Standards Work

New work has been notified on the international standards listed below. It may be possible to support this new work through your relevant national standards committee. The international Technical Committee responsible for a particular document can usually be identified from the ISO/ IEC or EN website. In many cases the nations participating in the maintenance and generation of the document can also be identified. To participate within an international Technical Committee, normally nomination by your relevant national standards committee is required. It should be noted that the standards are identified by their originating standards organisation, many may also be adopted by CEN, CENELEC or ETSI as EN standards and /or by your relevant national standards organisation.

New Standards Work Notified in August 2023

EN ISO 9227 Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres. Salt spray tests. EN ISO 10062 Corrosion tests in artificial atmosphere at very low concentrations of polluting gas(es). ISO 12716 Non-destructive testing. Acoustic emission inspection. Vocabulary. (will supersede none)
EN 15978 Sustainability of construction works. Assessment of environmental performance of buildings. Methodology. (will supersede none)
ISO 21465 Test method for CMAS corrosion of thermal/environmental barrier coatings under dynamic thermal cycling. (will supersede none)

New Standards Work Notified in September 2023

PD ISO/TS 4596 Metallic materials. High temperature creep/fatigue crack growth testing method. (will supersede none)
PD ISO/TS 12913-4 Acoustics. Soundscape. Design and intervention. (will supersede none)
EN ISO 14021 Environmental labels and declarations. Self-declared environmental claims (Type II environmental labelling)
. EN ISO 14024 Environmental labels and declarations. Type I environmental labelling. Principles and procedures.
EN ISO 14025 Environmental labels and declarations. Type III environmental declarations. Principles and procedures.
EN 17066-2 Insulated means of transport for temperature sensitive goods. Requirements and testing. Equipment. (will supersede none)
EN ISO 22265 Energy measurement and monitoring plan. Design and implementation. Principles for energy data collection. (will supersede none)
PD ISO/TS 22270 Mechanical vibration. Practical guidance for the monitoring and measurement of hand-transmitted vibration on the hand, wrist or forearm. (will supersede none)
ISO 22500 Non-destructive testing. Magnetic flux leakage testing. Corrosion of steel plates and steel pipes of in-service equipment. (will supersede none)
EN IEC 60068-2-88 Environmental Testing. Tests. Test XD. Resistance of components and assemblies to liquid cleaning media. (will supersede none)
EN IEC 62941 Terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules. Quality system for PV module manufacturing. (will supersede none)

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