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ASTE - Reports & News

The ASTE headquarters moved at the end of May 2009 to new address very close to the Champs-Elysées. The new address is 20 avenue de WAGRAM, 75008 PARIS. Phone and Fax numbers remain unchanged.

  • The next ASTELAB will to be held n 7th, 8th and 9th october at Parc de Villepinte (North of PARIS). Technical Pogramme is available on ASTE WEB site
  • On 4th of June , a workshop was organized at INTESPACE ( Toulouse) on Mechanical Shocks 30 people registered.
  • A Technical Library with 7000 documents related to Environmental Engineering is on line on the ASTE web site (subscription €350 per year).
  • The ASTE Journal (4 issues per year) has a new title “Essais&Simulations” (Essais is the French term for Tests), a new editor (SOGI) and a new look. The first part of the new format is filled with short articles (half a page each) and the second part with traditional articles (5 pages as average per article). For the first issue a total of 18000 copies have been printed.
  • An agreement has been made with ASTE to let CEEES distribute (at the same price of €100) as a CEEES publication the ASTE recommended practice; Highly Accelerated Environmental Stress Screening.
  • ASTE is now an official member of TENEEST.

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