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A Comparison of the Effects of Transportation Test Severities.


This paper was generated in May 2001 to compare transportation vibration test severities in a number of Standards. It comprises 29 pages including 20 figures.

A number of National and International vibration test specifications contain different severities for replicating the effects of transportation. These differences are not just in terms of vibration amplitude and duration but also the type of test used. Although most modern test specifications adopt random vibration based requirements, some specifications permit the use of older sine sweep testing. In some cases these are permitted as valid alternatives. However, direct comparison of sine and random testing is notoriously difficult.

The purpose of this paper was to facilitate a comparison of different severities using the Fatigue Damage Spectra and Maximum Response Spectra methodology. The comparison contain in this paper was initiated to compare a sine sweep vibration test for general transportation that was set out in the UK Defence Standard 00-35. However, it was expanded into a similar comparison for a number of additional common test specifications.




The Use of Damage Effect Parameters

Comparison of Transportation Damage Effects

Commercial Transportation / Transportation to Forward Depot

Military Transportation / Transportation Beyond the Forward Depot

  • Rotary Wing Air Transportation
  • Fixed Wing Propeller Air Transportation
  • Degraded Road and Off Road Wheeled Vehicle Transportation
  • Tracked Vehicle Transportation





Annex A Maximum Response Spectra and Fatigue Damage Spectra

  • Background
  • Basic Process
  • Interpretation of Results
  • References

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