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CEEES Publication No 1 A Bibliography on Transportation Environment ISSN 1104-6341


This publication was generated by the CEEES Working Group for Transportation Stresses (now the Technical Advisory Board for Mechanical Environments) in 1994. It is soft backed publication of 30 pages.

This bibliography is intended to assist in the search for relevant references related to the transport environment. It covers measurements and analysis made for several products under different environmental and geographical conditions. It also encompasses documents related to testing to simulate the environment as well as damage prevention topics.

The bibliography contains approaching 500 references grouped into 12 separate technical areas. The document was generated in 1994.


Environmental Studies and Analysis

  • General
  • Mechanical stresses
  • Climatic stresses
  • Studies of damage on goods
  • Rules, regulations and standards

Methods of Measuring and Testing

  • General
  • Mechanical stresses
  • Other types of stresses
  • Rules, regulations and standards

Prevention of Damage on Goods

  • General
  • Rules, regulations and standards


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