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Report of Expert Group 8. Environmental Engineering; Selection and Comparison of Standards Recommendations for Future Harmonisation


This 270 page report was generated in 2005.

This report arose as a consequence of the European Commission mandating the European Standardisation Organisation CEN to screen and to compare the existing national and international standards related to defence procurement and to give recommendations for preferred application in future. One of these priority areas was to review available environmental engineering standards including the appropriate environmental testing standards and the environmental program management standards. The appointed expert group (EG 8), mainly comprising of experts of the European umbrella organisation of the societies for environmental engineering CEEES.

A total of six separate horizontal standards were identified as primary sources of environmental test procedures. Those were;

     International Commercial Standards IEC 60068 and IEC 60721
     UK National Defence Standard Def Stan 00-35
     French National Defence Standard GAM EG 13
     US National Defence Standard Mil Std 810F
     International NATO Defence Standard STANAG 4370 and its Allied
     Publications (AECTP’s)
     Quadripartite {US/UK/F/DE} Agreement ITOP (International Test Operating

For each of these standards individual procedures were compared and the result documented. The comparisons were undertaken for in excess of 40 separate groups involving around 160 separate procedures. The criteria agreed by the Expert Group as the basis for the comparison were;

     Technical Innovation.
     Up to Date Techniques.
     Strength of Reference.
     Suitability for Purpose.
     Disadvantages to European Industry.
     Alignment to European Defence Procurement Strategy.
     Backward Compatibility.
     Equivalence of Standard.

Based upon the 40 or so separate outcomes of the comparison exercise, an set of overall conclusions with regard each of the six horizontal procedures was generated.

The Expert Group review of the available test procedures resulted in an overall recommendation is that the STANAG 4370 procedures are consistently better, technically innovative and demonstrably incorporate European approaches and methods.


Executive Summary
Motivation and Goal
Source Analysis
Preliminary Reduction Process
Overview, Conclusions And Recommendations
Comparison Of Standards
     Environmental management standards
     Vibration Test Methods
     Shock Test Methods
     Miscellaneous Mechanical Test Methods
     Temperature, Humidity And Pressure Test Methods
     Natural and Man Made Contaminate Test Methods

Annex A Matrix Environmental Test Methods vs Standards
Annex B Environment related (Horizontal) Standards
Annex C General Specific or Product related (Vertical) Standards
Annex D Ground Forces Specific Or Product Related (Vertical) Standards
Annex E Air Force Specific or Product related (Vertical) Standards
Annex F Navy Specific or Product related (Vertical) Standards
Annex G Standard Organizations

CEEES is a confederation of the environmental engineering societies of

the United Kingdom (SEE),
France (ASTE),
Germany (GUS),
Sweden (SEES),
Switzerland (SSEE),
Finland (KOTEL),
Belgium (BSMEE),
the Netherlands (PLOT),
Italy (AITPA),
Czech Republic (NACEI)
Austria (ÖGUS)
Portugal (SOPSAR)