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BESTPRODUCT-TENEEST stands for "BEST PRODUCT Through an European Network on Environmental Engineering Sciences and Technology". The project has received the Eureka label E!3517 and is an individual project under the Factory umbrella.

The network is aiming at a durable integration of Environmental Engineering experts in a "European Network on Environmental Engineering Sciences and Technology" (ENEEST). This network is mainly focused on the stimulation or creation of communication channels, co-operation opportunities and joint research activities.

Across Europe Environmental Engineering experts are working hard in numerous research and test centres to simulate in an appropriate manner various environmental influences such as vibration, shock, EMC, climate testing, etc. The scatter of knowledge and intellectual energy is such that overall effectiveness could be highly improved by better communication. Indeed, a remarkable amount of individual knowledge of experts has been built up in the past and huge amounts of money invested in test facilities which are unavailable because of a lack of information.

BESTPRODUCT-TENEEST was conceived in response to a need to merge in a network the knowledge of highly qualified specialists and the technical capabilities within Europe. The first initiatives are to;

  • setup of an electronic European skills directory for product testing;
  • exchange of R&D proposals and ideas in the field of Environmental Engineering

The electronic directory was initiated last year and permits interested individuals and companies to register. The site can be found at www.eneest.eu. If you want to actively participate in the BESTPRODUCT-TENEEST project or wish to be involved in the European Network on Environmental Engineering Sciences and Technology (ENEEST) please express your interest by the registration process.

A number of projects are have initiated in recent months under the umbrella of the BESTPRODUCT-TENEEST project. In addition a number of others are in the process of looking for participants. Registration on www.eneest.eu is intended to assist that process. The current projects are set out below. The website contains more information on each project including contact details if you want to participate.

Current Projects under Consideration include;

  • Creation Of An Artificial Climate In Closed Environments
  • Utilizing The Full Potential Of New, High Performance, Corrosion Protection Coatings In The Car Industry
  • VPET: Virtual and Physical Environmental Testing
  • Simulation Of Ageing And Corrosion
  • Assessment and optimisation of material for diesel engine applications

CEEES is a confederation of the environmental engineering societies of

the United Kingdom (SEE),
France (ASTE),
Germany (GUS),
Sweden (SEES),
Switzerland (SSEE),
Finland (KOTEL),
Belgium (BSMEE),
the Netherlands (PLOT),
Italy (AITPA),
Czech Republic (NACEI)
Austria (ÖGUS)
Portugal (SOPSAR)