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Future International Environmental Engineering Events

CEEES Fall Meeting 2017

The CEEES Fall meeting will take place immediately before the 8th European Weathering Symposium, in Vienna, Austria.

The CEEES Technical Advisory Boards will meet at 14:00 on Tuesday 19th September 2017 at LINDNER Hotel am Belvedere, Rennweg 12, A-1030 Vienna, AUSTRIA. That evening, after a Horse Carriage City Tour, a CEEES dinner will be held at "Brewery and Restaurant SALM BRĂ„U".

The following day, 20th September 2017, the CEEES General Assembly will meet, again at the LINDNER Hotel. After lunch there will be technical tour of the Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel. The tour will be in conjunction with the European Weathering Symposium.

The 8th European Weathering Symposium, will be held on the 21st and 22nd September 2017 at the LINDNER Hotel. The full program for the 8th European Weathering Symposium is available on www.weathering-symposium.org.

Further information can be downloaded here { Registration Form meetings CEEES VIENNA 19 20 SEPT 2017.pdf}

The 8th European Weathering Symposium

The Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation (GUS) are pleased to announce that the 8th European Weathering Symposium will take place on the 20th to 22nd September 2017 in Vienna, Austria. The symposium will be held at: LINDNER, Hotel am Belveder, Rennweg 12, 1030 Vienna, Austria. The European Weathering Symposium is being organised on behalf of CEEES by GUS and is supported by the Austrian Society for Environmental Engineering ÖGUS as well as Wr. Neustadt and Österreichisches Forüschungsinstitut für Chemie und Technik OFI, Wien.

The Symposium incorporates the 30th Colloquium of Danubian Countries on Natural and Artificial Ageing of Polymers and next year will be the 50th anniversary of the creation of that Colloquium.

Topics to be considered by the Symposium include;

  • Weathering of Polymeric Products - Plastics and Coatings
  • Determination, Simulation and Effects of Relevant Climatic Quantities
  • New Test Procedures and Devices
  • Weathering Reference Materials
  • Analysis of Polymer Degradation
  • Service-Life Prediction
Further information can be downloaded here { EWS 2017 Vienna_Call.pdf}





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