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Welcome to GUS e.V.!

The German based Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation e.V. Society for Environmental Engineering was founded in 1969. It is the organization of persons, institutions and companies who work in the field of environmental engineering.

Membership of GUS is open to technicians, engineers and scientists who work or study in the field of environmental engineering, particularly in the following branches:

  • electric technology and electronics
  • automobile manufacturers
  • construction
  • defence technology
  • aviation and space technology
  • transportation and packaging technology
  • environmental research and technology
  • life cycle assessment


GUS supports the development of environmental engineering on a nonprofit basis, e.g. by information exchanges. It arranges contacts with environmental laboratories, between users and manufacturers of equipment for environmental simulation and the measuring technology connected therewith.

Members and their representatives work on an honorary basis. GUS is financed by contributions and donations.

Members of GUS hold seminars and participate in professional committees.


The GUS is a member of the DVT (Deutschen Verband technisch-wissenschaftlicher Vereine). Together with the VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure), GUS has reached an agreement concerning double membership.

The GUS is a founding member of the Confederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies CEEES, which is the European umbrella organisation for environmental engineering and testing.

The GUS is a society member of the European Federation of Clean Air and Environmental Protection Associations (EFCA) and the Studiengesellschaft für den kombinierten Verkehr e.V. (SGKV).

The GUS is a partner and participant in the European EUREKA Project BESTPRODUCT TENEEST E!3517 and actively supports the networking of European experts in environmental engineering.

GUS has contact with the Institute of Environmental Science and Testing (IEST) in the USA, and also with other technical societies in Europe.

Members of the GUS give lectures and courses and participate in standardisation and guideline working groups.

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CEEES is a confederation of the environmental engineering societies of

the United Kingdom (SEE),
France (ASTE),
Germany (GUS),
Sweden (SEES),
Switzerland (SSEE),
Finland (KOTEL),
Belgium (BSMEE),
the Netherlands (PLOT),
Italy (AITPA),
Czech Republic (NACEI)
Austria (ÖGUS)
Portugal (SOPSAR)