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Dr. Hiltmar Schubert

Dr Hiltmar Schubert.png It is with considerable regret that we have to announce that that Prof. Dr. Hiltmar Schubert passed away on the 27th December 2020 at the age of 93.

Hilltmar was one of the three people who were instrumental in the founding of CEEES in 1984. He was the third President of CEEES (1988 to 1990) and also, from 1978 until 2006, the President of the German Society of Environmental Engineering (Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation - GUS). He stepped down from that role shortly before his 80th birthday. In acknowledgement of his outstanding commitment to the improvement of relations between the USA and Europe, he was honoured in 1997 as a "Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Sciences" (USA).

Hiltmar was active member of CEEES and a strong advocate of its work. He provided direction and advice in many aspects of CEEES activities and was particularly influential in the growth of CEEES.

In 2006 Hiltmar Schubert was awarded as Honorary President of the GUS. In 2014, still in good health, he attended the CEEES Conference on Battery Testing at Fraunhofer ICT and enjoyed being an active participant in the General Assembly.

With him, both CEEES and Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation loose a great networker and a friend of international cooperation in defence and civilian research fields. Our sincere condolences go to his wife Ingeborg Walther and all his relatives.

A Biography for Dr Schubert, written by his college Dr Karl Fredrich Ziegahn, published at the time of Hiltmar's first retirement in 1995, can be found on this website at http://www.ceees.org/presidents/Hiltmar%20Schubert.htm

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