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News from PLOT


  • In June 2009 PLOT held a meeting on HALT and MTBF at Jabil in Belgium.
  • In November 2009 there has been a meeting on DATA REDUCTION at Thales2009.
  • PLOT has initiated strategy sessions for the time frame 2009-2012/15 and to look into future developments.
  • The PLOT Reliability workgroup had a meeting at Dutch Space and with the aim of creating a document on thermal shock testing The group also held a meeting at MCI/Eaton and covered an ongoing study towards IP classification, rain water and dust testing.
  • PLOT Mechanical testing workgroup had a meeting at Thales, looking further into SRS. The group also held a meeting to address vibration and MEMS in relation to combined testing vibration and temperature.


  • Next PLOT meeting will be on tribology and abrasion.
  • Other topics for 2010 will be
    - Reliability models and calculations
    - Green environment
  • In october there will be a seminar.

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