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CEEES Publication No 2 - Climatic and Air Pollution Effects on Materials and Equipment ISBN No. 978-3-9806167-2-0


This publication was generated by the CEEES Climatic and Air Pollution Effects on Materials and Equipment working Group (now the Technical Advisory Board for Climatic and Air Pollution Effects on Materials and Equipment) in 1994. It is a hard backed publication of some 246 pages.

This publication was created with the aim of providing a general introduction and guidance text to the climatic and air pollution effects on materials and equipment. It supports the correct methodology for environmental engineering work with the specific target of simulating air pollution effects on materials.

The authors of this book are members of the national societies of CEEES and their work has been presented during the working group meetings. The book attempts to presents scientific work on all material groups likely to be encountered by the majority of users. It covers topics such as corrosion tests on electronic and connector materials, accelerated testing of solar absorber surfaces, air pollution effects on natural stones and building materials, deterioration of glass by atmospheric attack, ozone resistance of elastomers, photochemical ageing of synthetic fibres and polymers and the climatic and air pollution effects on wood.


Foreword by the President of CEEES 1996-1998, Gianluigi Angelantoni.

Dedication. The book was dedicated to Karl-Heinz Hansen (1925-1995) who was teacher and researcher in environmental engineering. He was a founder member of GUS and a driving force behind the formation of CEEES.

Environmental Testing - Methods and Standardization

Environment Engineering: Fundamentals and Strategies, by Hiltmar Schubert and Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn.

Examples of standardization work on the effects of air pollutants on material, by Klaus Grefen and Wolf R. Thiel.

Environmental Testing of Electronic and Metals

Flowing mixtures gas corrosion test,
by Rudi Kreuzer.

Humidity and pollution effects on electronic equipment,
by Helmut Schweigart.

Corrosion tests on electronic products,
by Thomas Reichart and Joachim Casar.

The effects of salt fog in accelerated artificial tests compared to natural weathering,
by Aldo Mariello and ltalo Rossini.

Accelerated testing for life time assessment of solar absorber surfaces,
by Bo Carlsson, Uli Frei, Michael Köhl and Kenneth Möller.

Environmental Testing of Natural Stones

Atmospheric pollution effects on stones of historical monuments: Impact on natural ageing of water and oil repellent products applied on limestones,
by Lise Cadot-Leraux, Jean-Marc Vallet and Veronique Vergès-Belmin.

Environment simulation air pollution effects on prepared natural stones,
by Thomas Felix Reichert, Annette Bräuning and , Eckehart Karotke.

A test equipment for the investigation of the effects of air pollutants on stones,
by Romana Fimmel and J. Dillenz.

Environmental Testing of Polymers Glass and Wood

Investigation of the ozone resistance of e1astomers.,
by Thomas Reichert, Klaus Langguth, Berthold Arheidt, Leszek. Pysklo and Adelaida Kocera.

What is the impact of pollution gases on the photochemical ageing of synthetic fibres? Outdoor weathering and laboratory simulation,
by Felix Reifler, M. Halbeisen and H. R. Schmid.

Air pollution effects on polymer materials - Natural weathering of polymers,
by Thomas Reichert, Ute Pohsner et. Al.

Deterioration of glass by atmospheric attack,
by Hannelore Römich and Thure Böhm

Deterioration of wood by climatic and air pollution effects,
by Johann Wolfgang Herlyn and Lutz Mehlhorn

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