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CEEES Publication No 5 - Natural and Artificial Ageing of Polymers ISBN 3-9808382-5-0


This book was compiled from papers given at the 1st European Weathering Symposium held in Prague in September 2004. The hard backed book was published by GUS in 2004 and comprises 430 pages.

For more than 30 years, the Colloquia of Danubian Countries were the only periodical and independent meeting of experts in the field of natural and artificial ageing of polymers in Europe. These colloquia covered all aspects in the wide field of natural and artificial exposure as well as of investigation of degradation and stabilisation of polymers. In those days each attendee was expected to contribute to the meetings with an own presentation. There were no conference fees because of generous sponsors.

In September 2000 a new international conference series MoDeSt (Polymer Modification, Degradation and Stabilisation) was established in Europe. Because of that, one particular subject of past colloquia, the investigation of degradation and stabilisation of polymers, now already was covered by another meeting.

In view of this fact, the representatives of the countries participating in the colloquia took the decision to concentrate on topics related to service life prediction, like ageing of final products, technical aspects of exposure, reference materials, general analyses of ageing and the correlation between results from natural and artificial exposure. The participants at the Colloquia of Danubian Countries in Vienna in 1999 and in Berlin in 2001 agreed to continue along this line.

As a consequence of the general economical pressure a new problem was arising during the last decade: to find hosts for the realization of the colloquia. After the Berlin meeting no host was in sight. The chairman of the organising committee of the XXII nd Colloquium in Berlin and as the German representative of the participating countries, searched for a solid foundation for future colloquia. To get a broader basis they agreed to rename the colloquia to “European Weathering Symposia"

The solid foundation found is the Confederation of European Environmental Engineering Societies (CEEES) that agreed to support the “European Weathering Symposia" as a new CEEES Symposium Series. This society, represented by the national German society GUS, is a competent body responsible for the organisation of future symposia and helps to reach more people interested in the important fields of weathering.


General Considerations on Weathering Tests

Comparative Examinations under Different Weathering Conditions
E. Pohle, L. Kranner, ofi-Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology, Wien, A.

Expensive Weathering Tests - Some Mathematical and Technical Ways to Increase information Obtained by Natural and Artificial Weathering
A. Lichtblau, Clariant GmbH, Gersthofen, D.

Weathering Reference Materials

Reference Materials for Weathering Tests
P. Trubiroha, A. Geburtig, V. Wachtendorf, BAM, Berlin, D

The New Role of Reference Specimens as Weathering Gauges
Y. Takane, Y. Watanabe, Japan Weathering Test Center, Choshi City, JAP.

Recent Proposals for Weathering Reference Materials as Discussed by DIN and VDA
A. L5thi, D. F5h, EMPATestmaterialien AG, St. Gallen, CH; V. Wachtendorf. Geburtig, BAM, Berlin, D.

New Test Procedures and Devices

Static and Rotating Xenon Arc Exposures Compared: Technical Issues, Practical Considerations & How Different Types of Hardware Comply to the New Performance-Based Test Methods
P. J. Brennan, Q-Panel Lab Products, Westlake, Ohio, USA

Time-Lapse Ageing of Technical Textiles Using a Complex Environmental Test System
T. Stegmaier, M. Ernst, W. G5ndisch, J. Mavely, V. V. Arnim, G. Schmer-Lioe, H. Planck, Institute for Textile Technology and Process Engineering Denkendorf, Denkendorf, D

Comparison of the Quality of Three Similar Components Using Stepped Stress Environmental Loading
Z. Sherf, A. Katz, A. Manor, P. Hopstone, Rafael, Haifa, IL Bross, Y. Kanfi, ELGEMS, Haifa, IL

Accelerated Acid Etch for Automotive Clearcoats A joint research project provides correlation between lab & field
J. Boisseau, D. Cambell, BASF Corporation, USA W. Wurst, P. J. Brennan, Q-Panel Lab Products, Westlake, Ohio, USA Presented by U. Schernau, BASF Coatings AG, M5nster, D

Thermal Ageing

The Rheological Properties of Aged Polymer Bitumen
V. Rek, Z. M. Barjaktarovic, T. H. Grguric, Dept. of Polymer Engineering and Organic Chemical Technology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, HR

The Effect of Humidity on Thermal Oxidation of Cellulose
J. Rychly, L. Matisovi-Rychli, Polymer Institute Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, SK

Weathering of Polymer Products

Assessment of Service Life of Solar Thermal Components by Accelerated Life Testing
B. Carisson, K. Mbiler, SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, Boras, S M. Kbhi, M. Heck, Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, D S.Brunold, lnstitut fdr Solartechnik SPF, Hochschule Rapperswil, CH J.-C. Marechal, CSTB Centre Scientific et Technique du Batiment, F G.Jorgensen, NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

Durability of Polymeric Glazing Materials for Solar Applications
G. Jorgensen, NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA B. Carisson, K. Mbiler, SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, Boras, S M. Kbhl, M. Heck, Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, D S. Brunold, lnstitut f5r Solartechnik SPF, Hochschule Rapperswil, Rapperswil, CH

Studies into the Long-Term Durability of Elastomeric Building Sealants
T. Boettger, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, D H. Bolte, Institute of Building Chemistry, Leipzig, D

Within-Chamber Uniformity of Xenon Test Chambers (Rotating & Static Specimen Mounting Systems Compared)
G. Fedor, P. J. Brennan, Q-Panel Lab Products, Westlake, Ohio, USA G. Pausch, Pausch Messtechnik GmbH, Haan, D

Weathering of Coatings

A Reliable Artificial Weathering Test for Wood Coatings
L. Podgorski, CTBA, Bordeaux, F M. Arnold, EMPA, CH G. Hora, Fraunhofer WKI, Braunschweig, D

Service Life Prediction for Coatings Concerning Loss of Gloss
O. Guseva, S. Brunner, 0. v. Trzebiatowski, P. Riechner, Swiss Federal Laboratory for Materials Testing and Research, Ddbendorf, CH

Adaption of the Acid Dew and Fog (ADF) Test for Service Life Prediction of Aircraft Coatings
V. Wachtendorf, U. Schuiz, P. Trubiroha, BAM, Berlin, D

General Remarks on Weathering Tests

Decay of Polyamide and Polyethylene Exposed in the UNIECE ICP Materials Programme
J. Tidblad, V. Kucera, D. Persson, Swedish Corrosion Institute, Stockholm, S

Polymer Weathering: Dose-Response Functions for Material Properties Changed by Climatic and Air Pollution Effects
T. Reichert, U. Pohsner, K.-F. Ziegahn, Fraunhofer ICT, Pfinztal, D

The Influence of Mildew Growth on Automotive Coatings on the Results of Outdoor Weathering
U. Schuiz, V. Wachtendorf, A. Geburtig, BAM, Berlin, D

Characterizing Effects of Weathering Variables Using Accelerated Fractional Factorial Experiments
H. K. Hardcastle, Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC, Miami, USA

Materials Testing/Analysis

The Action of Weathering on the Scratch Behaviour of Automotive Clearcoats
A. Geburtig, U. Schulz, BAM, Berlin, D T. Klimmasch, M. Mechtel, Bayer AG, Leverkusen, D

Impact of Weathering on Chemical and Morphological Changes in Stabilized Polymers
J. Pospisil, J. Pilar, A. Marek, Z. Krulis, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, CZ N. C. Billingham, School of Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK W. D. Habicher, Institute of Organic Chemistry, TU Dresden, Dresden, D

Chemical Transformations of Poly[methyi(phenyi)silyiene] Under Weatherometer Exposure
0. Meszaros, R Schmidt, J. Pospisil. S. Nespurek, Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, CZ

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