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The SEE becomes a Constituent Body of the Society for the Environment

The UK Society of Environmental Engineers (SEE) has become a Constituent Body of the Society for the Environment. This allows, from 1st January 2009, the SEE the ability to enrol suitably qualified Members of the Society as Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv).

The Society for the Environment (SocEnv) is the leading co-ordinating body in environmental matters and is a champion of a sustainable environment.

SocEnv was formed in 2000 and granted a Royal Charter in 2004. The qualification of CEnv is a high level professional qualification available to environmental practitioners. It demonstrates high standards of professional practice, knowledge, competence and engagement, and is recognised by employers as the test of professionalism in sustainable and environmental management. Chartered Environmentalists work in many sectors and are leading in managing environmental assets and they are playing an important part in the goal of a sustainable world.

For the first 12 months following the granting of a licence to the SEE (January 1st 2009) the Society will be able to offer a simplified version of the assessment process to individual members who satisfy the criteria for registration as Chartered Environmentalist.

During this period a candidate completes an application form that will provide evidence that they have:

  • At least the required minimum total of 12 points of knowledge.
  • At least 4 years of relevant work based practice as part of the 12 base points.
  • A commitment to CPD and the Society for the Environment Code of Ethics.

The application form includes a personal statement illustrating the candidate's competence and a CV containing relevant employment and CPD history.

Further information and the Chartered Environmentalist Specification can be found at the SocEnv website www.environmental.org.uk

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