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National Societies of CEEES

The following national societies are members of the CEEES Confederation:

Austria: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation, ÖGUS
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Belgium: Belgian Society of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, BSMEE
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Czech Republic: National Association of Czech Environmental Engineers, NACEI
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Finland: Association for Cooperation for Research and Development of Electronics, KOTEL
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France: Association pour le développement des Sciences et Techniques de l’Environnement, ASTE
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Germany: Gesellschaft fûr Umweltsimulation e.V., GUS
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Italy: Associazione Italiana Tecnici Prove Ambientali, AITPA
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Netherlands: Platform Omgevingstechnologie, PLOT
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Portugal: Sociedade Portuguesa de Simulacao Ambiental e Aveliaca de Riscos, SOPSAR
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Switzerland: Swiss Society of Environmental Engineering, SSEE
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Sweden: Swedish Environmental Engineering Society, SEES
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United Kingdom: The Society of Environmental Engineers, SEE.
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CEEES is a confederation of the environmental engineering societies of

the United Kingdom (SEE),
France (ASTE),
Germany (GUS),
Sweden (SEES),
Switzerland (SSEE),
Finland (KOTEL),
Belgium (BSMEE),
the Netherlands (PLOT),
Italy (AITPA),
Czech Republic (NACEI)
Austria (ÖGUS)
Portugal (SOPSAR)