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Technical Advisory Boards

Reliability and Environmental Stress Screening

Chairman: Henri Grzeskowiak, ASTE

Deputy Chairman: Colin David Delaux, ASTE

Scope and Activities

The CEEES Technical Advisory Board for Reliability and Environmental Stress Screening is a platform for:

  • The exchange of information relating to the role of the different types of tests in the product reliability and more generally maturity and to the role of stimulation into the precipitation of patent defects in patent ones,
  • The elaboration of Recommended Practices, surveys and other reference documents in the field of product Reliability and Environmental Stress Screening.

Work undertaken by the TAB include;

  • A European Survey of ESS (CEEES Publication No 3)
  • Bibliography of Technical Documents Related to ESS (CEEES Publication No 4)
  • Reliability For A Mature Product From The Beginning Of Useful Life (CEEES Publication No 9)

Synthesis of an ESS Survey at the European Level

The CEEES Technical Advisory Board for Reliability and Environmental Stress Screening released in 1995 with a survey covering the ESS practice ins the European electronic industry. The aim of this exercise, which covered a period of 3 years, was to determine the level of application of screening procedures in the fabrication of electronic products and to obtain experience concerning the effects of the screening procedures used on the quality of these products.

A comprehensive questionnaire containing 67 multiple choice questions with up to 10 possible responses per question was distributed to firms in several European Countries. The yield of replies varied considerably from country to country. Finally, a total of 136 usable responses were received.

The treatise provided in the publication contains the evaluation of those answers which provides a representative cross section of the screening methods utilised in 1998 within the named European countries. The publication reviews the reason for their utilization and the results and aims for adopting ESS.

List of Technical Documents Dedicated or Related to ESS

This publication was created with the aim of providing a wide overview of the technical documentation on ESS and therefore to assist engineers and technicians concerned in developing, manufacturing and environmental testing of products. The purpose of this particular document is not to provide guidance nor does it make recommendations. Its intended to assist the engineer select in each individual case the most appropriate documents and to use their own on the content. The document encompass some 80 ESS related documents and gives over 50 useful internet locations for further information.

Reliability- For A Mature Product From The Beginning Of Useful Life. The Different Type Of Tests And Their Impact On Product Reliability.

The challenges to which the industry are confronted to day frequently push towards the selection of novel and innovative design , technologies and conditions of use. The maturation of such products could only be achieved experimentally, either by tests during the development or during the service use. The risks associated with the second approach are generally considered unacceptable as the ultimate users demand a reliable product from purchase without any associated degradation of reputation and hidden associated costs.

The Recommended Practice, has been elaborated by the CEEES R&ESS TAB during meetings held in many towns throughout Europe allowing the participation of a wide range of specialists. These specialist encompass a range of expertises and experience of many industries. Its content represents the current best practices in matter of building the product maturation during the development with highlighting the vision of the role of experimental testing in this maturation growth.

Minutes of Past Meetings

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